Do You Really Have Time to Manage Social Media?

Social media. It seems like such a simple task. But managing all of your social media outlets on a daily basis can be very time consuming. Outlets like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs display hundreds, if not thousands, of posts a day depending on how many people you are connected with. The hope is that it’s a lot. The more people you are connected with, the more people will recognize your brand, and potentially share it with others.

In order for people to truly be interested in the content you post, you may have to spend some time researching issues or current events, though the researching will vary based on the industry. It is important to keep the content creative and relevant. The goal is to trigger customer engagement, which often leads to sales.

So, not only do you need to do your homework and post everyday on multiple sites, you need to engage and respond to your potential customers and measure statistics to see what’s working and what’s not. In addition, once your potential customers become actual customers, social media outlets can provide a great avenue for interaction. As you build your clientele and increase sales, you will find the need to post more, and submit articles/press releases to various outlets for publication. Before you know it, your social media management duties will create a full-time position. And doing it effectively is vital to your business. In many cases, hiring a professional to manage these sites for you is the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.

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